10 furnishing ideas to make your bedroom a tasteful & restful place.


Bedroom is your den- a place where you retire and unwind after a long day. Decorating your bedroom in your personal style makes it inviting and relaxed.

Here are 10 furnishing ideas to make your bedroom a tasteful and restful place.


First and foremost choosing a theme will help you select furnishings, décor and colours. Theme should complement your personality. If you are lover of Victorian styles, Use wooden or old-fashioned tile flooring, rough stone walls, wooden decor and even an artificial stone fireplace to add a vintage feel to your room.

Simple and sober personality styles can choose chocolate brown walls with white bed and white nightstands with dash of pinks in curtains add classic style to bedroom. Nature lovers can go for floral theme with lot of flower designs and vibrant colours add freshness to the bedroom.


Once theme is set for the bedroom; it is easy to pick colours. When picking a colour scheme, choose three coordinating colours. Some popular combinations: red, yellow and orange; chocolate brown, blue and white; purple and white; honey yellow, dark woods and white. White can go with any colour to create an interesting combination.

Colourful bed cushions and pillows, sofa cushions, rugs, walls and wall hanging are sure to uplift your mood as soon as you enter your bedroom.


 A headboard is the perfect place to add personality to your decor. Consider covering headboard in an unexpected fabric, like the velvet, leather or in materials like bamboo, wood or patterned upholstery.

Wall artwork

Big blank walls make room feel empty and void. You can have an interesting gallery wall- hang an extra-large piece of artwork- like a black and white photograph to make your bedroom look glamorous and modern.

Another easy trick to fill a large wall is by hanging multiple, uniform-sized picture frames, with simple artwork, side-by-side in horizontal or vertical alignment.

Mix It Up

Avoid matching everything in your bedroom. There is no such rule. When decorating, mix up the architecture, furnishings and colours. It is ok if your curtains do not match your bedding or side table does not match your bed and walls. As long as the colours and furniture complements one another, a creative mix can enhance the look of your bedroom.

Natural Light and Air

Bedroom should get lot of natural light and air. Consider installing French windows on one all of your bedroom, if you have unobstructed and gorgeous view of skyline or park. Your bedroom will be full of ample natural light and air.

If your bedroom does not get natural light and air, consider sheer curtains to keep the room bright and airy.

Visual Interest

Lend a visual appeal to your bedroom décor. You can add flair to your bedroom by hanging lanterns or chandeliers. Match the vases on the window sill with throw pillows and artwork. Other than picture frames, add high-style artwork to your walls with wall decals like- oversized polka dots work or nature-inspired wall decals, like whimsical trees, fun silhouettes of chandeliers or even your favourite quotes.


Bedroom is a place to rest and your bedding should be soft and comfortable. Dress your bed in soft sheets and bright duvet covers. Keep the minimum number of throw pillows on the bed so that they do not clutter your bed.

Add a mosquito net or canopy to your bed. It creates secure and warm feeling when your climb in bed.

Spice up

Keep fresh flowers in bedroom. Fix mood lighting in the bedroom to match your mood. Use faux fur pillows or bed-sheet which will inspire more than snuggling.


Avoid putting too many artworks in bedroom. Chairs and side-tables are not stash spots. Do not use chairs to put clothes on it. Keep it away from wardrobe and dressing table. Side-table should only be used to put a glass of water apart from lamp and clock.

Bedroom is where you spend one-third of your life; therefore décor should be your own personal signature.


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